Welcome to my Website!

Hello, my name is Anna Yau.

I am a junior, and major in design. I love music and art a lot. Nice to meet you guys!

This is one of the paragraph that I like a lot in our reading. Here's how you make a link: Neocities.

As a conceptual framework to help transition a mass audience from print to the Internet, graphic design proved invaluable. It helped the Web to recreate much of the visual vocabulary of analog commerce, fostering a sense of familiarity in the intimidating expanse of online space. Both long-standing and startup brands tapped into the inherent power of graphic design, and used its principles to bring about the breakneck expansion the Web has seen over the past twenty years. Before too long however, the limits of strict adherence to a graphic design-centric approach to the Internet became obvious. Analog design challenges, while complex and rewarding, had always presented problems of a fixed nature that required solutions of a fixed state. A book or a magazine, or even an identity system, requires a designer to create a single, canonical design. That design may need to evolve over time, to change with different circumstances or editions, but in each expression—a single edition of a book, a single issue of a magazine, a single business card or letterhead—the solution appears and functions in the same way for everyone who encounters it.

This is the link that I used to create a site for my Korea skincare products online shop before by using wordpress: Style11th,

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